Monday, September 12, 2005

Disaster Relief in This Area - You can Help by bringing in extra things that you have at Home!

The "Two Cities" Hurricane Relief EffortThe City of Collinsville is "adopting" two communities in Mississippi:Pascagoula and Long Beach. City Council met with folks in our communityWednesday to decide a course of action that the Collinsville Community could take to best help the victims of this tragedy. It was decided that identifying a community and attempt to assist them with their changing needs through the rebuilding process would be the best way. The decision was made to "adopt" both Pascagoula and Long Beach because local folks had already been in contact with both communities. These two coastal communities have suffered a great loss and are in need of basic necessities. Large portions of these two communities have been totally destroyed with nothing left butthe foundations of buildings, while other areas were severely damaged.The City of O'Fallon IL is now joining Collinsville in this endeavor.The local American Legion established a tax-deductible relief fund to benefit Pascagoula and Long Beach Communities. Donations can be made atCollinsville UMB Banks, checks should be made out to American Legion Post 365, include "Two Cities Relief Fund" in the memo. Arrangements are being made to collect donations of money and goods at the Italian Fest, September 16 & 17th. There will be a semi-trailer at the Festto collect items. Volunteers are needed to staff this operation. Major Scott Williams (Collinsville's Acting Chief of Police) with a team of volunteers has already delivered a caravan of SUV's worth of goods to Mississippi. The following is a list of needed items that we would like to include in theMonday shipment to Mississippi.
Please drop off donations at the Collinsville Police Department, City Hall or UMB on Main Street (please do not bring clothing items, these communities are not prepared to store or distribute clothing at this time).
C & D Batteries
First Aid Supplies
Trash cans & liners
Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer & wipes
Air Freshener
Wash cloths
MopsMop buckets
Pine cleanerDust pans
Cleaning rags
Garbage bags
Disinfectant spray
Glass cleaner
Scrub brushes
Toilet cleaner & brushes
Car washing solution
Sun Screen & Bug Spray
Water hoses
Spray nozzles for hoses
Armor All
Scrub brushes (for cars)
Car fabric cleaner
Cleaning cloths (for cars)
Paper plates
Plastic forks, spoons and knives
Plastic bins (for storage)

Katrina Disaster Relief Efforts For Evacuees Who Have Sought Refuge In Southeastern Madison CountyLocal communities have come together and pulled resources to help the evacuees who have come to Collinsville, Maryville, Troy, Edwardsville, GlenCarbon or Highland. We have established a clearinghouse at the Glen EdPantry (125 5th Ave Edwardsville Il 62025, phone 656-7506) to distribute goods and help with finding resources for these families. The pantry is accepting donations. They are also seeking volunteers to help staff the facility in order to extend their hours of operation and better assist evacuees.