Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ebook Collection growing!

Our library has had a subscription to NetLibrary.Com now for a couple of years, bringing you over 8,000 books in electronic form on the Web. Just recently we added an Academic Collection of books that will be of interest to students, computer enthusiasts, those writing papers and essays, and others who may be looking for more technical information.

You can check out these books as you can check out most anything in our library - simply by selecting it and using your id on your own computer. Your id can be obtained by coming into the library once and logging into Netlibrary.Com and picking a Username and Password.

This is a wonderful new way to view, scan or read the whole book even after we have closed our doors for the day. You can even print a selected number of pages for future reference.

This is just one of our Online Databases that we subscribe to for your convenience. See all of them on our website at