Friday, September 09, 2005

What is the Mississippi Valley Public Library District?

In the past year this Library has gone through a number of changes.

On October 1, 2004 the Library changed from a municipal library to a district library. This means that before October 1st the Library was a department of the City of Collinsville and its members were those who lived inside the City limits of Collinsville. After October 1st the Library is a stand alone district with an elected Board and its boundaries can move beyond the City limits.

When the Library became a District the official name Collinsville Memorial Public Library District was taken.

Just recently the Board of Trustees renamed the District - the Mississippi Valley Public Library District to welcome growth beyond the limits of Collinsville.

To keep the tradition of the wonderful facility on the Main Street of Collinsville alive and to honor all of the people who have made this Library what it is today, the building at 408 West Main Street will continue to hold the name of the Collinsville Memorial Public Library Center.

A new sign with these changes are being planned for the front lawn and other plans are being made to invite surrounding areas to join in Library Service.