Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Season for Thanks - Pay your Fines with Food

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and now we are looking forward to Christmas.
Here at the library we are wanting to give you a gift this season while helping the community. For every $1.00 in fines you can bring in 1 non-perishable food or hygiene item and we will take away the fines on your library account. If you bring in a new toy for a child, we will erase your fines.
These fines do not include money owed for lost or not returned library items or the processing or billing fees on those items.
This offer will be in effect until December 20th.
Remember that the library will be closed on Christmas Eve Day and on Christmas Day.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Library Van providing transportation

A new addition to the service that the MVPLD is going to offer to the area during this grant which has been provided by the Illinois State Library is to provide transportation of library materials and people throughout the area on library-related errands.
If someone needs to come to the library, the staff is available to take your call at 344-1112 during normal business hours and someone will be made available to pick you up and take you back home (Children must be accompanied by an adult). The same is true of library materials. If you would like your library materials delivered, you will need to call the Main Desk and they will be delivered to you at a designated time.
This is a test period for this service to determine if you are interested and if it actually is needed in our community. Honk at the Van if you see it on the road and say 'hi'. We are excited to be able to add this dimension to the Library and to help you out.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Definition of "Community"

As I talk to people about our library, I talk about the "community" we serve. For the sake of clarification when I talk about "community", I am referring to our "library community" at large. I am not talking about Collinsville, Fairmont City, Maryville, Caseyville or any other individual corporate entity.
At this moment the MVPLD's community is within the city limits of Collinsville and due to the grant received from the Illinois State Library (read the article in this Blog called "Demonstration Grants from the Il State Library Awarded to Local Libraries"), we, along with other libraries in the area, are able to give 'FREE' library cards to everyone who lives in the Unit 10 School District and Fairmont City.
Our goal as a Library Community is to offer this service to all who find a need for it and to listen to what those needs might be.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What are the advantages of the Smartest Card Campaign for a Collinsville Resident?

This question was asked of me at the Main Desk and I guess until that point I hadn't really thought of it from that perspective.
I know that my motivation to write the grant and to encourage the Board to approve this attempt to give 'free' library cards to reach as many people as possible in our school district and in the Fairmont City area to share a wonderful experience if only for a little while. I wanted this to be an invitation to use library service and then in an educated manner vote to continue or turn down future service.
But what about those of you who already have this service? You have a vested interest on this creation of a library that has been here for 90 years and a tremendous building that started in 1937 and has only gotten better. What does this all mean to you?
As I thought about it I guess I would hope that you would feel really good about what you have and would want others to be able to share in that good fortune. Adding more people to this library service will not take away from what it is. Hopefully, it will create more interest and more determination to create their own library buildings and collections that can attribute their success to the Collinsville Library Center. This would be an opportunity to foster a new area of individuals in the successes of the use of libraries and let them experience a service that will offer something to them throughout their lives.
There is one possibility that can also come out of adding more area to the Library District and that is that there will be more households to share in the monetary support of the district. It is impossible to say at this point what that could mean on your tax statement. Depending upon the amount of new value of property and the number of new households, the amount of property tax that an individual taxpayer pays at the present time could possibly go down. This is only a possibility and not one that we can calculate or surmise since that will depend on if or what areas join the Library District.
I welcome any comments on this idea since it is also important to maintain a strong and pertinent library within our current borders while expanding service to others.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Donations from friends

Dizzy Dugout has again supported our children's programs a the Mississippi Valley Public Library District. On the first Saturday of every month, the children play Pokemon. Michael from Dizzy Dugout has provided us with the playing mats and assisted this summer teaching how to play as well as providing attendance prizes. This month he also is providing prizes such as posters, playing cards, card box, etc. He also gave us attendance books and cards for each player. What a great person and community helper.
Throughout a year we have businesses and individuals that give us donations of money, merchandise and time to make our service special. I will continue to let you know as they share their resources and talents with us.
Thanks Michael from Dizzy Dugout for your support and participation.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Halloween Walk

Between 11am and 3pm during the Halloween Walk on October 29th, 2,454 people followed our Halloween Trial through the Library. It was a record day at the library and the staff was definitely tired.

1088 children received 5 different things for treats and then ended their walk through the library by signing up for grand prizes that were provided by WalMart and Kmart. Children came from as far away as Missouri, Kansas and Florida.

Prize winners were
Remote Control Truck: Ashlyn Petri
Bike: Anya Skaggs
CD player: Hunter Bridges
Congratulations to the Winners!

Pictures of the winners are on the Kidz Page.
Thanks for dropping in!