Sunday, December 04, 2005

Reciprocal Borrowing - Going to other libraries

As I talk to people that are using our library, I realize that they don't know one of the important uses of their library card - the use of other public libraries.
How fun! You are not restricted to any one public library when you carry a public library card. You can take your library card and walk into any public library in Illinois and check out an item from their collection.
This is a privilege that each public library agrees to when they join the Illinois State Library group of libraries.
Take your library card and if you find yourself in another Illlinois community with a public library, walk in and test the power of your library card by checking out something from the other library and bringing it home.
One more part of this whole new experience is that you can then bring us the item that you picked up at that other library and we will return it for you!
Find out what a wonderful system (library system) this is.