Thursday, March 23, 2006

New Poll celebrates Library Use

According to a recent KSDK poll, the majority of respondents do visit their libraries!

The poll taken by a St. Louis Station KSDK asked the respondents to chose either"once a week or more," "once a month," or "once a year" visits to their library or none at all. The results were 488 + 451 + 590 (respectively) for a total of 1529 vs. 1195 who chose "never"). Here is the address for the results (the polling is over)

To view public libraries in the area that you may want to visit, go to for a complete listing.

Remember that your public library card can be used at any of these public libraries!

Some useful sites to view in your spare time...

Facts for Consumers: Credit ScoringFact sheet on credit scoring, "a system creditors use to help determine whether to give you credit." Discusses the credit scoring model, what individuals can do to improve their credit score, the reliability of the credit scoring system, what happens if you are denied credit, and how to file a complaint. From the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).URL:

National Debt Graph - Graph of the gross national debt as a percent of the nation's annual income for 1950 through the most recent federal budget projections. "The data plotted here were taken directly from the White House web site and plotted without modification." Includes links to related material about contributions to the public debt from the presidential terms of George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan. From an author and economist who consults for electricity markets.URL:
U.S. National Debt Clock - Up-to-the-second display of the outstanding public debt and each citizen's share of the debt. Also provides links to news and a FAQ. Information comes from the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the U.S. Bureau of the Census' Population Clock.URL:
Red-Dyed Easter Eggs - A traditional recipe for red Easter eggs (or "Pascalina Avga"), "hard-boiled eggs, dyed deep red to symbolize the redeeming blood of Christ, [which] are a Greek (or Eastern Orthodox) tradition at Easter." Includes details about a game played with the eggs. From the companion website to "Utah's Greek-Americans," a program from KUED, Salt Lake City's Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) channel.URL: