Sunday, March 19, 2006

Vote on Tuesday

A reminder that you should vote on Tuesday.

Our library is asking those of you that live in Collinsville to vote 'yes' on the library question allowing our district to grow and invite new members into its service. This will allow the library to increase its revenue by bringing in new households. This will not increase the tax for those of you who already are members of the library.

We are hoping that those of you that live outside of our boundaries at the moment will consider wanting to join our library service by voting 'yes' also.

To answer one question that we have been asked frequently in the last week, our library - Mississippi Valley Public Library District - will not annex without a vote the greater Maryville area if those constituents vote not to establish a library in their community on their ballot on Tuesday. We cannot speak for any other libraries surrounding Maryville but our Board of Trustees has the greatest respect for the people of Maryville and is committed to working with the community in complete honesty and cooperation as we always have in the past and through this last 6 month grant period.

This message has been sponsored by the Friends of the Collinsville Memorial Public Library Center, a member of the Mississippi Valley Public Library District.