Wednesday, April 26, 2006

GOOD NEWS! Extension on 'Free' Library Cards

Since the Library area expansion question did not get on the ballot in St. Clair County on March 21st, we have been trying to work toward a solution on trying to decide a direction to proceed and we finally have found the path.

The Board of Trustees of the MVPLD have decided that they still would like to proceed with having the question placed again on the ballot in both counties. Madison County will have a revote and the question will appear for the first time in St. Clair County in the precincts covered by the Unit 10 School District and all of Fairmont City. The question for the residents of the MVPLD will be if they will allow the Library District to incorporate more area into its service area. The question for people in the outlying areas is if they would like to join the MVPLD service area. These new questions will appear on the November 7th ballot during the next general election.

The best news is that the Illinois State Library has given us an extension on the 'free' library cards offered to individuals who live in the Unit 10 School District or in Fairmont City but do not yet pay taxes to the MVPLD. Anyone wishing to have a library card and receive library service can come to the Library at 408 West Main Street and be issued a card for immediate check out of thousands of onsite items such as books, magazines, dvds, videos, audiobooks, Once you have your library card you can also visit our online card catalogs at and order in thousands of more items from other libraries throughout the country.

This is a great opportunity for the children in the area. They will all be able to join the Summer Reading Program and join in the wonderful programs and awards being planned for them this summer in the Children's Library. For more information call the Library at 344-1112.

Come in today and get your library card and see all that the world of libraries has to offer. This offer will now last until the end of 2006.