Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Election on Tuesday, November 7th

The Mississippi Valley Library District will be on your ballot next Tuesday.

To explain what you are being asked to vote on, let me take a few minutes to show the questions and what the answers may mean.

If you live in our Library's area already, the question that you will see on your ballot will basically ask if you will allow the Library District to expand beyond its current borders.

Voting 'yes' will mean that you will allow more people to be apart of the library district and share in the resources that we have. This will not increase your taxes. In the coming years if more area is added to our District, it would possibly decrease the taxes that you are currently paying to the Library due to the fact that there may be more households helping to support the Library.

Voting 'no' will mean that the library district will stay the size that it is and will not be allowed to increase its area or invite in more households.

If you do not currently live inside of a Library District and you live inside the Collinsville Unit 10 School District or in Fairmont City, you will asked if you wish to join the Mississippi Valley Library District.

Voting 'yes' will mean that you would like to have your area join in the library district service area and be able to use the library as a member by placing a service tax on your property tax statement of .2530% per $100 of your assessed value - example, if you have a $90,000 home your EAV would be approximately $30,000 and your library payment would be approximately $75.00 per year for unlimited service. Since it would appear on your property tax statement, it can be used as a deduction on your income tax.

Voting 'no' will mean that you would not like your area to join the library district service.

The choice is yours. The Library Board and Staff are happy to make this invitation and look forward to serving you.

Please feel free to call (344-1112 ex 113) or write (reply to this blog) me with any concerns or questions that you might have. I would be happy to hear from you.