Monday, September 24, 2007

Board and Staff Awards for 2007

During our Annual Staff Picnic on September 16th, multiple awards were given to Board and Staff members and your vote determined some of them. Years of Service, Director's Choice, Staff member of the Year and People's Choice awards were all given.

The People's Choice awards were determined by the recent online survey answers that many of you sent in and by notes that are in the Suggestion Box throughout the year. Below were your favorite Staff Members for the Year along with the other awards given.

People's Choice Awards:
Leslee Hamilton (Interlibrary Loan/Genealogy Supervisor)
Megan Harris (Main Desk/Children's Library Clerk)
Allison Donnelly (Main Desk Clerk)
Robert Clark (Children's Library Clerk)
Shannon Woodworth (Media Center Clerk)

Director's Choice Awards:
Maureen Schreiber (Children's Librarian - Excellence in Programming)
Craig Monk (Head of Technology - Invaluable)

Years of Service:
Katie Heaton - 10 years on Staff
Mary Ellen Fedder - 5 years on the Board of Trustees
Laura Herr - 5 years on the Board of Trustees
Mary Beth Boyce - 5 years on Staff
Robert Clark - 5 years on Staff

Staff Member of the Year:
Theresa Beck
for her enthusiasm every day and her energy and skill in organization in special projects such as the Harry Potter Sleepover, the Halloween Bonfire, Teen Read Week, and many more.

The Library is proud of the people here that serve you. We are all winners when we have such devoted people working on your behalf.

We congratulate them all and look forward to continue hearing from you on your favorites.
During the staff meeting on December 23rd, a People's Choice Star Staffer will be named for November and December to reign until February.

**You can vote by placing your vote in the Suggestion Box or emailing for your favorite staff member. You can find a list of names of the entire staff on the very bottom of our Library Information and Service Page on our website.

Thank you for being an AWARD WINNING COMMUNITY!