Friday, October 19, 2007

Your opinions are like gold to us ... Continue to send in those surveys!

We recently sent out a newsletter to hopefully every home in our District and in that newsletter is a survey that we would love for you to return. Your opinions are important but we do not know them unless you give them to us.

If you did not get a newsletter, please stop by the Library and pick one up or call (344-1112) and we will mail you one.

I accumulated all of the online survey results and hope to share some of the answers with you in the coming weeks.

Here are some of the remarks that totally pleased us =)
**Keep up the good work!
**Collinsville Library is one of our city treasures.
**This is one of the best libraries because of the very nice staff!
**The library has kept up with industry innovations and improvements to provide access to practically any book every published. The staff is very knowledgeable and always willing to help trace an obscure reference or out of print book. The range of events and activities offered by the library is quite extensive considering the relatively small community it serves.

**Thanks much for being such a terrific resource and such a stabilizing force in downtown Collinsville!

91% of the people responding to the online survey said that the staff were either "One of the best around" or "Pleasant and helpful".

Here are the Favorite materials in order of their popularity at the Collinsville Library:
Books 94%
DVDs/Videos 58%
Children’s 37%
Magazines 30%
Audiobooks 25%
Quiet Reading Areas 24%
Reference 21%
Music CDs 17%
Genealogy 16%

These are all positives and we thank you for them. But the criticism is equally important and we had our share of that also.

One person writes, "I have a Maryville card but have been a Collinsville resident for 30 years. I am offended by the fact that I cannot use some of the databases."
Answer: Call me (Barbara Rhodes 344-1112 ex 113). Hopefully I can help you with this and other concerns about the difference in the libraries in our area. Sometimes when these comments come in and I do have an answer but no address is given, it is hard to respond.

Another person writes, "The Bike rack is great but doesn't work for the newer bikes."
Answer: You're right and I hadn't even considered this. I will look into it and hopefully, have a solution by next Spring. Thanks.

The final comment for this time was, "Portable MP3 players that you can put your mp3s in."
Answer: Took this suggestion and immediately ordered 10 players. The catalogers are working right now to get them in our database and they will be ready for checkout in the next week.

The Collinsville Library Center is your library and we are happy to do what we can to give you what you need. These surveys are helping us plan the future!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Important information to take note of....

Library will be closed on Columbus Day, October 8th,

on the 8th the City will begin removing the sidewalks and curbs along the street in front of the library for the new Streetscape - please be careful while walking and driving in these areas

and finally

the library will open at 1:00pm on Friday, October 12th due to Staff Training.