Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Leggo of your old LEGOs!

The Collinsville Library is looking to start a monthly LEGO club for local kids and it all starts with collecting as many LEGO as possible.

We need your old LEGOs to help us!

We will be accepting donations of regular LEGO blocks, Duplo (baby LEGO) and any other LEGO items you are able to give! You can drop off your LEGO at any staffed desk at the library.

Thank you :-)

Monday, November 02, 2009

RSS feed

We have an RSS feed on the Collinsville Library Center site and the Fairmont City Library Center site. It is a great place to sign up for the latest information such as the Food for Fines program coming up at the end of the month or the Tellabration event, a worldwide storytelling event that the Riverwinds Storytellers from the area are inviting you to participate in with them on November 21st.

Get the latest information delivered right to your email so that you don't miss any of the events and programs that the library is having for you.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More construction projects...

Fairmont City Library Center is also updating some of its areas...

We are painting throughout the whole building so be careful of "Wet Paint". The ceilings and walls are all getting painted and not in all one color. You can expect a cheerier feel to the building.

If you haven't been there in a number of weeks, more shelving has been added to the large community room and a new front desk is in the entry way. This is giving us the ability to add more things. Some of the Programming Resource Center (PRC) items for teachers and programmers from Collinsville are being added to the Fairmont City with even more puppets.

Again, more projects will be taking place, so please excuse any inconvenience that this causes.

Minor construction issues

As we update some of the areas in the Collinsville Library Center, we hope that we do not inconvenience you too much.

At the moment the front doors are closed since the main staircase is being recovered.

Next the shelving from the Media Center will be taken into the Programming Resource Center (PRC) on the other side of the hall. This will be the new home of the DVDs, Blurays, Videos, and Music. The Media Center will totally be devoted to the computers and quiet study areas. It will also be recarpeted at this time.

There are a number of other projects... We will try to keep you aware as they are happening.

Thanks for your understanding.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Staff reads that look good

Alison shares:
A really good non-fiction book I am reading right now is Six months in Sudan/James Maskalyk. It's the story of a Medecins sans Frontiers doctor and the months he spends in Abyei. It is facinating, sad, personal, insightful and a little gritty so if you don't want to be moved, don't read it :-)

Leslee read:
If anyone is looking for a good read, try The magicians by Lev Grossman. The reviews were all mentioning it to be like Harry Potter, but it is more like the Narnia books. Very good read, read it it 2 days.

Barb likes:
Anyway: the paradoxical commandments: finding personal meaning in a crazy world by Kent Keith. It gives you some perspective on daily life and a direction to go when you aren’t sure where to go.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fairmont City Library Center is 1 Year Old

On June 6th Fairmont City Library Center located in the American Legion building at 2870 N. 44th St. in Fairmont City, Illinois will celebrate its 1st Birthday.

Last year the Mississippi Valley Library District opened this Library in one of the buildings of the Holy Rosary School in Fairmont City. The small community of 2500 people enjoyed having a library so much that when it was scheduled to close in August, the American Legion offered space for the Library to move into its buiding. It has been a success story ever since -- more books, more audios and dvds, more computers and best of all, more people month after month.

To celebrate the staff at the Fairmont City Library Center will host a Birthday Celebration with treats, games and fun and they are hoping that everyone will stop by.

Come by for the Party!!
Saturday, June 6th
Fairmont City Library Center
2870 N. 44th St.
Fairmont City, IL
10am to 6pm

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We are Twittering!

If you are on Twitter, look us up -


and add us to your RSS feed for updates!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

New Websites!

The Mississippi Valley Library District is so excited to roll out our new Websites!
There are three separate sites for you to use and each has a special function...
** The Mississippi Valley Library District site explains the Library District and its connection to Lewis and Clark Library System and the Illinois State Library. It is also a site where you can reach both of our Library Centers ...
** Collinsville Memorial Library Center site is a remake of our original site. You can find and explore our event calendar, services, information, online databases, policies and procedures, our Library Board meetings and minutes, etc. You can search our site and you can search our Card Catalog with ease. More features being added every week...
** Fairmont City Library Center, established in June of 2008, is our newest building and our newest online site. This website has much the same information as the Collinsville Center site but geared to the community and surrounding area that it serves.
Visit any and all of our online websites today. Any easy contact site on each website lets you send us an online comment without having an email.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Yesterday's Election gave us Two New Board Members

After the results were tallied, the final count showed that the Mississippi Valley Library District had 2 new Board Members.

They are
Nancy Gerstennecker
Virginia York.

We congratulate them on their win and look forward to welcoming them to the Board.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Pan has returned

If you missed the picture in the Sunday edition in the Collinsville Journal (big main page picture!), Pan has now returned to preside over the Fountain in front of the Collinsville Library Center.
He has had a major 'spa' treatment and looks wonderful.
Russell-Marti Conservators worked diligently on the Carl Mose statute for the past 8 months - removing paint and odd finishes, repairing chipped and missing pieces and then finally refinishing him as close to his original state as possible.
He looks absolutely wonderful and I know he is happy to be back.
In the coming weeks the Fountain should be turned back on and finally after years of work and fundraising Pan's Fountain will be back to its full glory.
A May 3rd rededication from 1 to 3 pm is being planned and we hope that you will mark that on your calendar and come to join in the celebration.

ER television series now here!

ER's final farewell to TV happened last week but you can start all over and watch it from its first episode.

Collinsville Library Center has Seasons 1 through 10 on the shelves for you right now and as they become available we will purchase through the final season.

This popular TV show joins many, many more TV shows that are on the Collinsville Library shelves everyday - from oldies but goodies like the Jeffersons, All in the Family, and MASH and more to new programs like Lost, Boston Legal, Two and a Half Men and Stargate and more.

Come in and look through the TV series and take home hours of enjoyment today!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Pan Returns, Front Doors Closed and Food for Fines!

Important Week of Events!
Pan returns on Wednesday, April 1st
This is not an April Fool's Joke! Our little woodland creature that has been missing from the center of our fountain for the last six months is returning to his home on Wednesday, April 1st at noon. It will take a couple of hours to place him in the center of the fountain so if you would like to be apart of his historic return, please join us in the front of the Collinsville Library.
Front doors of the Collinsville Library closed for renovation
For the next two weeks when you come to the Collinsville Library, you will want to park in the large East parking lot and enter the Library through the Community Room doors. The front doors have been removed for renovation and the entrance is boarded up. We are sorry for the inconvenience but the doors were sorely in need of a new coat of finish.
Food for Fines has returned
From today until April 11th you can bring in a nonperishable food item or a hygiene item and we will take $1 off of your fines for every item you bring in. This is happening at the Collinsville Library Center and at the Fairmont City Library Center. This offer is not good toward payment of nonreturned library items or processing fees. Great time of the year to help the needy in our community and to help yourself as well. All donations go to the local food pantry.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Library Store - A Sale Everyday!

There is a richness in the library that can keep a person busy for hours, even days! Just by using your Library Card you can take home entertainment and resources in the form of books, dvds, audios plus you can also download virtual ebooks and audios at home as well as solve homework through the use of our databases.

But there is another aspect of the library behind the scenes that people can take advantage of and we have found a way to let you look at this other side of the Library more than just once a year at our Book Sales.

On the Main Floor of our Library located in the South Wing adjacent to the Main Desk is

our Library Store.

It has items to buy such as calendars, pens, library bags and other small items. There are also hardcover books, paperback books, videos, 33 1/3 records, and older editions of books that can help you build your collection at home for very reasonable prices.

This small area is changing constantly with bargains for you to purchase. The staff rotates items constantly so keep coming back because every day will be different.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Financial Needs Series of Talks

Join us for our Free Seminars
6:30 - 7:30 pm
Collinsville Memorial Library Center
Wednesday, March 4
Outlook & Opportunities -
Don’t Fear the Bear
The answers you need in today’s market

Wednesday, March 11
Finding Balance in Your Budget

Wednesday, March 18
A Smart Start to Mutual Funds

Wednesday, March 25
Preparing Your Estate Plan

Wednesday, April 1
A Woman’s Guide to Money Matters
Speaker: Rick Rehg, Financial Advisor
To register, Call the Library at 618.344.1112

Friday, February 06, 2009

Lincoln Exhibit

The Lincoln Bicentennial 1809-2009

Collinsville Library Center is hosting a Lincoln Exhibit

by enthusiast, Peggy Fitzpatrick

Every day during the month of February, you can come into the Collinsville Library Center and see the multitude of items on display that give you a rare feel for the era of Abraham Lincoln, our 16th President of the United States.

This year Abraham Lincoln would have been 200 years old this year - yet his ideas and mystique are as pertinent as ever.

Peggy Fitzpatrick has been collecting Lincoln items for nearly 20 years. Her hobby eventually turned into a collection of statues, busts, plates, coins, antique pins, and more. Come learn about our 16th president and re-examine what it means to be American.

On Wednesday, Feb 11
from Noon – 4:00pm

Meet and Greet Peggy and be entertained with stories of the Lincoln years.

At 3:00 pm

Abe Lincoln (impersonator) will reenact the Gettysburg Address and will be available for a private picture

Reception of refreshments and mingling with Mr. Lincoln for all.