Friday, February 06, 2009

Lincoln Exhibit

The Lincoln Bicentennial 1809-2009

Collinsville Library Center is hosting a Lincoln Exhibit

by enthusiast, Peggy Fitzpatrick

Every day during the month of February, you can come into the Collinsville Library Center and see the multitude of items on display that give you a rare feel for the era of Abraham Lincoln, our 16th President of the United States.

This year Abraham Lincoln would have been 200 years old this year - yet his ideas and mystique are as pertinent as ever.

Peggy Fitzpatrick has been collecting Lincoln items for nearly 20 years. Her hobby eventually turned into a collection of statues, busts, plates, coins, antique pins, and more. Come learn about our 16th president and re-examine what it means to be American.

On Wednesday, Feb 11
from Noon – 4:00pm

Meet and Greet Peggy and be entertained with stories of the Lincoln years.

At 3:00 pm

Abe Lincoln (impersonator) will reenact the Gettysburg Address and will be available for a private picture

Reception of refreshments and mingling with Mr. Lincoln for all.