Thursday, March 05, 2009

Library Store - A Sale Everyday!

There is a richness in the library that can keep a person busy for hours, even days! Just by using your Library Card you can take home entertainment and resources in the form of books, dvds, audios plus you can also download virtual ebooks and audios at home as well as solve homework through the use of our databases.

But there is another aspect of the library behind the scenes that people can take advantage of and we have found a way to let you look at this other side of the Library more than just once a year at our Book Sales.

On the Main Floor of our Library located in the South Wing adjacent to the Main Desk is

our Library Store.

It has items to buy such as calendars, pens, library bags and other small items. There are also hardcover books, paperback books, videos, 33 1/3 records, and older editions of books that can help you build your collection at home for very reasonable prices.

This small area is changing constantly with bargains for you to purchase. The staff rotates items constantly so keep coming back because every day will be different.