Monday, April 06, 2009

Pan has returned

If you missed the picture in the Sunday edition in the Collinsville Journal (big main page picture!), Pan has now returned to preside over the Fountain in front of the Collinsville Library Center.
He has had a major 'spa' treatment and looks wonderful.
Russell-Marti Conservators worked diligently on the Carl Mose statute for the past 8 months - removing paint and odd finishes, repairing chipped and missing pieces and then finally refinishing him as close to his original state as possible.
He looks absolutely wonderful and I know he is happy to be back.
In the coming weeks the Fountain should be turned back on and finally after years of work and fundraising Pan's Fountain will be back to its full glory.
A May 3rd rededication from 1 to 3 pm is being planned and we hope that you will mark that on your calendar and come to join in the celebration.