Monday, March 22, 2010

The Man From Beijing

Wow! This book recently received a spectacular review. We recently added it to the collection in both audio and print formats. Tina Jordan, a book reviewer from Entertainment Weekly, gave the book an "A" and called it the best thriller she has read in five years. The Entertainment Weekly review follows:

"The pleasures of a Henning Mankell book have much to do with Kurt Wallander, his crabby but appealing Swedish police inspector. The Man From Beijing, though, is a one-off, a complex and enormously satisfying thriller that features not Wallander but a female equivalent, Judge Birgitta Roslin. The massacre of 19 people in a remote snowbound village shocks all of Sweden, but no one more than Roslin, who has family ties to the place. Roslin is soon swept into a vast spiderwebbed story that spans two centuries and three continents, moving back and forth between Sweden, Beijing, and America. Flashbacks rarely work in mysteries, but here they do, thanks to Mankell's sheer skill. This is hands down the best thriller I've read in five years."