Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Blum Is Haunted!

Nelson Kennedy and Adam Merseal from the St. Louis Ghost Hunter's Society found evidence of paranormal activity at the Blum House. They spent the night recording various "activities" in the Blum House this past summer. The ghost hunters presented their evidence on Friday, October 29, at an event sponsored by the Collinsville Public Library. Taking place after a bonfire and scary storytelling session, spooky voices, cold spots, and an investigator getting pushed off a tote were examples of evidence presented at the event. Attendees also got a chance to authentically investigate the Blum House into the wee hours of the morning as Nelson and Adam showed the participants real investigative techniques that were being used live on Friday night.

The library is not responsible for any exorcisms needed as a result of coming in contact with paranormal activity!