Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Children's Book Review from Miss Alison

This chapter book is a good fit for kids in grades 2-4 who may be struggling to keep their emotions in check. It comes with a worksheet you can duplicate at home to help your child recognize and work with their moods.

Lucy the Good by Marianne Musgrove, illustrations by Cheryl Orsini.

Seven-year-old Lucy van Loon lives in Australia with her parents and brother, and she is pretty sure she’s a good girl. Every now and then, something unexpected will happen, though, and Lucy is unable to control her temper. When Tante Bep comes from Holland for an extended visit, she is concerned about the lack of discipline in the household, and Lucy boils over with rage. She becomes nervous when her great aunt tells her about Sinterklaas (the Dutch Santa Claus) and his friend Zwarte Piet, who spirits bad children away to Spain forever. She panics about all of the misunderstandings she has been caught up in and decides to be only “Lucy the Good.” When Lucy’s dad finds her in the creek, testing to see if she will float like a bad egg or sink like a good one, all of the child’s troubles come tumbling out. A tender story for readers who have a hard time controlling their emotions, this easy chapter book hints at ways for kids to manage their feelings, and the satisfactory conclusion will be reassuring. Orsini’s artwork complements the well-paced story and gives visual representation to some of the Dutch items.–