Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Join us for Story Time!

Every Tuesday morning at 10am in our Community Room, kids are laughing and learning at Story Time. Aimed at kids of pre-school age, story time is a relaxed, fun time to get your kids used to sitting and focusing on a story. We typically read a few stories together, talk about the themes, and we always make a cute craft to take home. Our goals for story time are:

To create in children an appetite for reading and for using the library
To encourage children to respect other children, the storyteller and library materials
To stimulate children's imaginations
To help children develop language, listening, and motor skills
To teach library manners

All children are unique and have different levels of listening ability at different ages. Therefore, Miss Alison suggests that a child, regardless of age, who displays inability to sit and listen quietly, may benefit from having a parent sit with them. Children adapt at different rates, so please, keep trying!

Daycares or other large groups, we would encourage you to call ahead to be sure that your kids can be accommodated, especially at short notice. If you are curious about our past themes and book selections, check out our facebook page: