Thursday, August 04, 2011


Local business leaders say early learning programs are key to economic recovery.

Have you heard about "America's Edge"?  They are business owners and principals, CEOs, Presidents, COOs, CFOs, Executive Directors, Vice Presidents and other key members of senior management.  America's Edge is supported by tax-deductible contributons from foundations and individuals.  America's Edge accepts no funds from federal, state or local governments.

What are America's Edge concerns?
Young people entering the workforce without skills we need.
Spending billions in remedial education on our employees.
High school students not graduating on time.
Children unprepared to succeed in school and falling behind.

What are the goals and objectives?
Create a workforce with 21st century skills.
Increase productivity to support sustained economic growth.
Develop resources to attract good workers and new business.
Ensure investments in children have high rate of return.

The Edge urges policy-makers to support program proven to:
Strengthen the economy in the short and long-term.
Build a foundation for future economic security.
Create jobs.
Ensure a skilled workforce, while getting kids on the right track.


Posted by
Katie Heaton
Branch Manager
Mississippi Valley Library District