Monday, October 03, 2011

What to do in your garden now...

Fall is here - time to read some books about gardening...the library has several to choose from.  The Missouri Botanical Garden has some suggestions for you too...

All month
Plant spring bulbs among hostas, ferns, daylilies, or ground cover.  As these plants grow they will hide the dying bulb foliage.

Plant container-grown and balled-and-burlapped trees and shrubs now.  Loosen the soil in a area five times the diameter of the root ball before planting.  Mulch well after watering.  Continue watering if soils are dry.

Store apples in a cool basement in old plastic sacks tht have been perforated for good circulation.

Sow cover crops such as winter rye after crops are harvested.

Posted by Katie Heaton