Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lookin' For Answers

The Collinsville Memorial Public Library and Fairmont City Library Center's Staff recently took a little time to compete against each other in a Scavenger Hunt that led them all over the Collinsville Library Center. Here are some of our favorite questions from the hunt. Give it a shot to see how many answers you can find around the library!

1.) Alphabetically, what's the first magazine in our collection?
2.) How many people are in the "Peddlers" photograph in the Collinsville Area Camera Club's Photography Display on the First Floor?
3.) Which of these characters is not featured in the Stairway leading up to the Children's Floor: the Gingerbread Man, Arthur, the Cheshire Cat, the Tin Man, or Jack & The Beanstalk?
4.) There are two Horseradish Festival Posters hanging in the Community Room. What years are they from?
5.) What is the library's fax number?
6.) What is inside of the barn that's painted on the wall of the Children's Library Toy Room?
7.) In the Non-Fiction 800-999.99 Wing of the Library, what is the sum of the 22 large blue numbers that border the room?
8.) True or False: A man smoking a pipe is depicted in the Stained Glass above the Main Desk.
9.) What's the title of the poem hanging on the wall in the Adult Reading Room?
10.) What number is on the hat of the Fireman in the "Read To Your Hero" poster on the Children's Floor?
11.) Whose name is on the door of the Adult Reading Room?
12.) Who is the Community Room named after?
13.) How many hours is the Fairmont City Library open in a regular week (with no holidays)?
14.) Which Children's Book won the Caldecott Medal in 1986?
15.) Alphabetically, what's the last magazine in our collection?

Happy Searching!