Friday, May 25, 2012

FREE Cooking Classes at the Library

Join our free summer cooking classes at the library! These classes will be presented by Certified Culinarian, Kathy Seibel. With Kathy's guidance and expertise you will learn some cooking basics including techniques, skills and some quick and tasty recipes. Registration is requested. Please call or visit the Main Desk to register today. All classes will be held in the Community Room kitchen. Call Jessica at 618-344-1112 for more information.

June 13 "Kitchen Essentials" - Fill your pantry and refrigerator with essential ingredients to make quick and healthy meals. Technical skills will focus on basic safety and sanitation guidelines and knife skills. NOTE: Please bring your own chef's or pairing knife to this class.

June 27 "Quick & Simple Appetizers & Salads" - Learn to create quick and simple dishes from your kitchen pantry. Create an essential list to keep on hand that will generate quick and easy dishes for your busy life.

July 11 "Spectacularly Simple & Tasty Meals" - In 30 minutes or less you can whip up tasty meals that will have your family saying NO to fast food.

July 25 "Not Just a Box Cake" - Learn to create awesome cupcakes and treats from that little box mix.

Posted by Jessica Lawrence, Librarian