Monday, June 11, 2012

Book Signing & Reading by Local Author H.C. Beckerr

Local Christian Science-fiction author H.C. Beckerr will be hosting a series of readings from his current release, HILL OF GREAT DARKNESS as well as a book signing event on Sunday July 1 at the Collinsville Public Library from 3-4pm. Snacks will be provided and the public is invited to attend. Discussions will also include the science and the local history that went into this work and a book signing will be a part of the event as well.

The story HILL OF GREAT DARKNESS is an adventure that mixes space and history somewhat like mixing 2001 A SPACE ODYSEY and RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK together. A fast paced, patriotic thriller that reaches out into our solar system and deep into the earth itself as a mysterious power source is discovered right here in the Collinsville area.

Posted by Jessica Lawrence, Librarian