Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Library Garden

This year we had the wonderful opportunity to start a 
Collinsville Library Garden behind the historic Blum House. 
The garden was generously sponsored by our wonderful Friends of the Library! 
Thank you Friends. 

Behind the Blum House garage. 
We just cleared out the area so the top soil can be delivered. 
Thank you to Collinsville Ice and Fuel for generously donating 2 tons of top soil!

The soil has arrived!

Ready to start planting.

April 28, 2012 
Everything planted and secured under a pest net 
to try and keep the animals away from this bounty! 
Planted the day before the hail storm. Somehow it survived!

June 2012
The garden is flourishing!

Our first small harvest! What beautiful radishes and beans.

Posted by Jessica Lawrence, Librarian.