Monday, September 10, 2012

Meet the Staff Monday - Gilberto

Meet Gilberto!  Born in Guatemala, Central America, Gilberto attended Medical school at the University of San Carlos in Guatemala.  There was a devastating earthquake in 1976 which gave him real life training in the medical field. To support his studies, Gilberto taught math classes to adult students.  Life in Guatemala was very precarious with very limited opportunities so Gilberto decided to immigrate to the USA.  The change was very radical and took him several years to integrate into American culture. He attended SIUE during the mid-80s while he worked in the Medical field in a general hospital in St. Louis.

You will see Gilberto working mainly at our library in Fairmont City where his Spanish language skills come in very handy; but he also works at Collinsville, you can usually spot him by looking for his shirt and tie.  Gilberto is constantly educating himself and is fascinated by computers, construction, health, and languages.  He also loves tree climbing, as you can see by his photo.  Next time you see Gilberto, be sure to say hello!  Or hola, bonjour, or any other greeting.  Chances are, he can answer!