Monday, September 24, 2012

Meet the Staff Monday - Jed

Jed Arthur Robbins has been working for the Mississippi Valley Library District for just over two years. At the library, Jed does a little bit of everything – including, but not limited to, creating graphics and flyers for the Collinsville and Fairmont City Library websites and other displays, blogging and Facebooking/Tweeting for the library, sending and receiving items to and from libraries that aren’t in our immediate library system, teaching computer classes, and planning events for patrons as well as staff. While on the subject of planning events, Jed organized his first neighborhood Block Party when he was in sixth grade and has been involved in the community ever since. He volunteers as much as possible with different groups and entities in town, and he loves local politics. Outside of work and community involvement, he has two sisters (Rachel & Jessa), a niece (Kaylee), a nephew (Kadyn), a girlfriend (Caity), a dog (Riley), a hamster (Alice), and a turtle (King Triton). Jed’s favorite book is 365 Ways to Change the World: How to Make a Difference – One Day at a Time by Michael Norton. His favorite television shows are “Lost”, “The Amazing Race”, and “Modern Family” (which he’s currently working his way through Season 3, so don’t spoil anything for him). The craziest thing that Jed has ever done was jumping out of an airplane a few summers ago, but he’d do it again in a heartbeat, and he’d love to be on a reality television/competition show someday. If you have any connections to reality show producers, please pull him aside at the library and let him know!