Monday, October 29, 2012

Meet the Staff Monday - Katie

It's Meet the Staff Monday! Today we are introducing the Fairmont City Library Center's Branch Manager, Katie Heaton! Katie has worked at the Library District since 1997 and she loves programming, cataloging and training staff. Katie may be our sportiest staff member! Katie lives in Collinsville, IL and she was born and raised in Caseyville, IL. She has been married to her husband Craig for 31 years. Katie and Craig have four daughters. Candace, married living in Canada expecting her first child in January. Cara, married, living in St. Louis and has a 7 month old son. Rachael and Kristina are still living at home. Rachael is currently working at Treehouse Wildlife Center in Dow, IL and Kristina is attending CHS. Katie likes to spend time outdoors with her family. They enjoy camping, hiking, kayaking, biking or mountain biking, and watching wildlife. At home she likes to work in her yard and spend time with her family and grandson.