Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Meet the Staff Tuesday - Matt

We were closed yesterday, so without further ado, here is your Meet the Staff Tuesday! Meet Matt(hew). He has worked at the library since August 2004. Matt started off as a page and worked his way to a part time clerk, and now he is a full time clerk. He works half of his week in the Collinsville building and the other half at the Fairmont City branch, where most know him as "Shaggy". (I cannot imagine where that name came from.) Matt is typically the go to guy for quick computer issues. At our staff picnic in September we had our first ever Survivor: Library edition and Matt won every round. He is a true library champion! Outside of work Matt has a beautiful baby girl, Sophia who will be two on New Years. He and Chelsea just got engaged on September 29th and their wedding date is still to be decided. If you know Matt you know that he is an absolute hockey nut, so with no season this year he is having withdrawals. He is also anticipating the return of a minor league team next year to St. Charles. Why couldn't they start this year?!