Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Free Computer Classes Are A Hit!

The Mississippi Valley Library District offers a variety of free computer classes each month for patrons who are interested in expanding their knowledge of technology.

Jed R., one of the instructors at the Collinsville Library, emphasized just how much of a variety the library offers. “We have classes that are great for people who have never turned on a computer before - like Basics 1, Basics 2, Typing, Internet, and Email - as well as classes that are great for people who have been using computers their whole life but want to learn something new - like Word, PowerPoint, Downloading & Emailing Photos, Online Genealogy, and Excel.”

Jessica L., Adult Services Librarian, added “We’re one of the only entities in the area that offers classes like these at no charge.”

Since space is limited, patrons are required to register for classes by either signing-up at the library’s front desk or by calling the library at 618.344.1112.

Patron John K. has attended six of the library’s computer classes over the past three months. “Each time I come to class, I learn something different. The instructors are helpful and willing to answer my questions, and you can’t beat the price! Being on a budget, I could not afford to take classes like these at a local community college right now,” John said.

Both the Collinsville and Fairmont City libraries also have computer labs available for public use. The Collinsville Library has over 25 computers (desktop and laptop) available for use and the Fairmont City Library has a dozen available. The computer labs are open the same hours as their respective library centers. Patrons simply must show a Photo ID to use a computer.
Posted by Jed Robbins, Library Assistant