Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jim R.'s Ideal Bookshelf

It's Jim R.'s turn to share his most treasured books.  A former pastor and lifetime student, Jim is an excellent staff member to talk to if you are interested in Christianity and its vast array of literature.  Here's what Jim had to say about his book choices.

The study and pastoral application of Scripture has been the focus of my studies and life.  Any of Luther's works could have been listed, but his understanding of sin and grace as expressed in the Bondage of the Will is especially enlightening.  Walther is one of our church body's founders and most profound theologian and pastor, his work on the practical aspect of being a pastor and his understanding of law and gospel rank with Luther.  Both C.S. Lewis and Max Lucado are gifted writers and have inspired me to choose words carefully and craft sentences with meaning to clearly and effectively communicate the saving message of Jesus Christ.
--Alison Donnelly, Children's Librarian