Friday, April 26, 2013

Library Sleevefacing - April 26, 2013

This Rock n Roll Hall of Famer, who you might have also spotted at this past presidential inauguration, is keeping his cool around our newspapers in the non-fiction section.  For this sleeveface, this librarian has chosen the laid back rocker, James Taylor. You can find Sweet Baby James in our record collection or order it through our new Polaris Card Catalog. Can you tell which of our librarians has captured the James Taylor essence? Remember that you can also add records like these to your own collection from our Basement Book Sale or Rummage Sale next weekend on May 3rd and 4th from 9am-5pm.

Posted by Courtney Locandro, Library Clerk

Library Rummage & Book Sale May 3-4

Attention all yard sale fans! The Collinsville Public Library is hosting a two-day indoor rummage and book sale on May 3-4 from 9-5pm. You will find great prices on gently used (sometimes new) items and a great selection of books. No need to drive around from sale to sale looking for the right thing.  Let your friends, neighbors and relatives know about this great opportunity! Cash only please. Proceeds will benefit programming at the Library. Call Jessica at 618-344-1112 for more information. 

Posted by Jessica Lawrence, Librarian

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

10 Reason Why We Will Miss Jed

Library Clerk Jed Robbins will say goodbye to the MVLD on April 30th, as he embarks on a new career in the country music industry. In honor of his departure we have compiled a list of the top ten reasons our library will miss Jed.

10 - Who else is going to wear flannel in the middle of summer?
 9 - That's $10 less for our staff to win in our annual Oscar pool.
 8 - Public bathrooms don’t just clean themselves.
 7 - Our staff now has zero Juggalos.
 6 - Computer busts will go down 80%.
 5 - He's taking our Polaris bear with him.
 4 - We can no longer brag about working with the future Mayor of Collinsville.
 3 - His next issue of the library newsletter was going to include a six page essay detailing how Justin Timberlake's new album is really all about Ross Perot's 1992 presidential campaign.
 2 - Library lanyards are going to get a lot less exposure.
 1 – Obviously, the ladies.

Posted by Grahm Underwood, Library Clerk

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Film Review: Oblivion

Grade: B-

          Oblivion is a big budget science-fiction action adventure starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman directed by Joseph Kosinski (Tron: Legacy). One of the most pure, traditional sci-fi blockbusters to come around in a while, in certain ways Oblivion harkens back to the simpler yet more wondrous sci-fi films of the genre’s early years while retaining the knock out spectacle of a modern $100 million plus blockbuster. While the futuristic dystopian world of the movie is breathtakingly beautiful and elaborately imagined, Oblivion may stick to close to genre conventions for diehard sci-fi fans while conversely be overly genre indulgent for casual moviegoers.

          Kosiniski has said that Oblivion is a tribute to the science fiction films of the seventies and that influence is clear in the film’s unabashedly bold mythology and narrative. In the film the year is 2077 and Earth has been ravaged by an alien invasion. Much of the world is uninhabitable wasteland and no civilization exists across the desolate globe. The remaining population of the human race lives either in a gigantic spacecraft orbiting the planet or on the newly colonized Titan, moon of Jupiter.  Jack Harper (Tom Cruise), Technician 49, is one of the last remaining humans on Earth. Jack is a maintenance technician for the flying robotic security machines known as droids, which are designed to protect resources and hunt alien opposition. When a mysterious craft crashes in Jack’s patrol area and he rendezvouses with a woman he has been dreaming of but does not know or remember, questions arise and Jack finds himself at the center of a conspiracy with galactic ramifications.
          Above all Oblivion is a stunningly gorgeous film. The sweeping, ravaged landscapes of the desolate Earth and “future tech” armory of weapons and vehicles will give sci-fi fans plenty to drool over. Unique and creative designs such as that of Harper’s sleek hovercraft help establish a signature feel to Oblivion’s world and further develop the film’s mythology.
          Even with all the genre fan-service Oblivion is unmistakably a big studio movie. The film rests heavily on Tom Cruise’s shoulders, who is more than up to the task and carries the narrative almost single handedly through the two hour running time. The cinematography and soundtrack are direct and unobtrusive, with little risk or flair. The elements are all merely supportive of the core here as the film focuses on its narrative, star power, and visuals while eschewing any type of aggressive filmmaking.
          Oblivion is a great treat for science fictions fan and has the potential to be a fun popcorn and soda getaway for moviegoers. However it is a sort of peculiar release as it may be too safe and familiar for its target audience but also just a little to out there and spacey to attract the casual crowd. Releasing within a month of Summer heavyweights Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness will stint Oblivion’s run at the box office and is bound to leave it buried and overlooked in the long run. That’s a shame because while maybe not groundbreaking Oblivion is a solid, fun family friendly science-fiction spectacle that if it was made thirty years ago would today be a cult classic Easter egg in all fans of the genre’s Netflix queue.

Posted by Terry Pierson, Library Page & Clerk

Monday, April 08, 2013

New OPAC Video

Here's a video to help our patrons learn the new OPAC! You can start reentering your requests on Tuesday, April 9. (Requests will not be taken over the phone until Monday, April 15.)

Book Jacket Bingo for National Library Week (April 14-20, 2013)

National Library Week is April 14-20, and the Mississippi Valley Library District is ready to celebrate with its patrons! 

This year, patrons are invited to play Book Jacket Bingo over the course of the week. The concept is simple: starting on Wednesday, April 10, patrons can begin registering at the Main Desks of the Collinsville Memorial Public Library or the Fairmont City Library Center and choose a Bingo Card.

Starting on Monday, April 14th and continuing throughout the week, the Collinsville and Fairmont City libraries will post clues (on their respective Facebook Pages as well as at the Main Desks of each center) that correlate with the books on the Bingo Cards. Once patrons figure out which book the clue relates to, they can highlight the book jacket on their Bingo Card. The first two patrons to bring back a correct Bingo (across, up-and-down, diagonally, or four corners) will receive a prize.

Patrons can double their odds by registering at both the Collinsville Memorial Public Library and the Fairmont City Library Center, but are limited to one card per center.

Posted by Jessica Lawrence, Librarian