Monday, April 08, 2013

Book Jacket Bingo for National Library Week (April 14-20, 2013)

National Library Week is April 14-20, and the Mississippi Valley Library District is ready to celebrate with its patrons! 

This year, patrons are invited to play Book Jacket Bingo over the course of the week. The concept is simple: starting on Wednesday, April 10, patrons can begin registering at the Main Desks of the Collinsville Memorial Public Library or the Fairmont City Library Center and choose a Bingo Card.

Starting on Monday, April 14th and continuing throughout the week, the Collinsville and Fairmont City libraries will post clues (on their respective Facebook Pages as well as at the Main Desks of each center) that correlate with the books on the Bingo Cards. Once patrons figure out which book the clue relates to, they can highlight the book jacket on their Bingo Card. The first two patrons to bring back a correct Bingo (across, up-and-down, diagonally, or four corners) will receive a prize.

Patrons can double their odds by registering at both the Collinsville Memorial Public Library and the Fairmont City Library Center, but are limited to one card per center.

Posted by Jessica Lawrence, Librarian