Monday, June 10, 2013

Teen Initiative Finale!

The wrap-up and finale for this round of the Teen Initiative funded by the Project Next Generation grant was held June 6th.  In Collinsville, we had a great group of creative and energetic teens that attended the twelve-week program and completed design projects.  The teens used digital cameras and drawing tablets to create their design project with Mentor Dennis McMurtrey.   For the program finale we enjoyed some refreshments, showcased their projects and awarded certificates and t-shirts with their design on it.  Many congratulations to our project design winners Raleigh Hines and Emily Baima.  A huge thank you to all of the teens for all of their hard work, creativity and dedication to program. 

We have already begun planning and implementing the third round of the Teen Initiative, which will kick-off in August.  We are especially excited about this round because we will be partnering for many of the sessions with the St. Louis Science Center.  In this new round of programming we will be offering programs on robotics, nanotechnology, electricity and circuits, genealogy and even the science of DNA!   For the finale we will be hosting a special DNA Murder Mystery Dinner where the teens will analyze footprints, clothing, hair samples, suspect profiles, and other mysterious trace samples to determine whodunit.  We are very excited for the next round of programming generously funded by the Project Next Generation grant.  We hope to inspire and engage teens in the wonderful array of possibilities available when you introduce technology into the science of everyday life. 

Posted by Jessica Lawrence, Librarian