Monday, August 12, 2013

Collinsville Library Tour - Ground Floor

The Collinsville Library has more to offer than you may think. In addition to our vast collection of books, there are many more places to discover and items to enjoy at the library. Please enjoy this photo tour of your local library! Today we will be exploring the Ground Floor of the Library and all it offers.
Before you even get to the side door you probably notice a silver bin on the corner of the parking lot near the History Museum. This sliver bin is actually a book return. Here you can quickly drop off any items you are returning. 

By entering through the side door on the Ground Floor, you first come across our large Community Room where everyone is welcome. In the Community Room you have the benefit of snacks from the vending machines, watching television, playing games at one of our tables or just relaxing and hanging out with friends. This space is aptly named the Florence Burkholder Community Room after the longtime director of the Collinsville Library, a dedicated Librarian who loved her work and the people who supported the library. This room also is available to be rented by organizations, businesses and patrons for programs and professional events by calling us at 618-344-1112. 

As you walk down the hall you will come across our bright blue painted elevator which can take you up to the Main Floor( 1st floor) or the Childrens Floor (2nd floor), and on book sale days, down to the Basement. As you wait for the elevator to arrive you will also find a community board where anyone can post flyers, business cards, ads, coupons, etc. Further down the hall, you will find our FREE magazine rack. Here you can find all different types of magazines to take home for yourself or donate old magazines to share with our community. 

At the end of the hall you will enter the Genealogy Room. This room contains a lot of history about Collinsville and the surrounding towns, old high school yearbooks and many other items pertaining to genealogy. If you want to know more about your family tree this is place to be! This is also a quiet space in the library, so remember to keep your voices low and your cell phones on silent when utilizing this space. 

Connected to the Genealogy Room is the ever popular Computer Lab. Our Computer Lab houses 22 desktop public access terminals (two with scanners), it also includes Internet access, software and e-mail access with Wi-Fi computer access. We also have some wireless laptops to use, and if you just need the Wi-Fi or a quiet place, you are welcome to bring in your own wireless compatible laptop or mobile device. This room also contains a microfilm machine, which allows you view, save and/or print old archived copies of newspapers in our large micro-film collection

Around the corner from the Genealogy Room is two sets of stairs that both lead to our Main Floor and the front entrance. Just opposite the stairs is the lower circ office where you will find one of our smiling employees eager to help you with anything you may need. At this little window you will also find a small bookdrop under the counter where you may drop off any items you are returning. Directly next to the lower circ office, there is a small quiet study room named the Carma Wilbert Reading Room, where you can enjoy a good read, log in some study hours or simply enjoy the peace and quiet. 

Further down the hallway are more restrooms and a multitude of puppets to choose from right before you enter the Ruth Eckart Programming Resource Center or PRC. This Center is a unique combination of multi-media kits and equipment geared to programmers (teachers, homeschoolers, parents, etc) who are looking for additional help in preparing lessons and other educational material for their audiences of any age.  This room also houses our extensive music collection, including numerous vinyl records. There are also die-cut machines for the public to use with our wide collection of die-cut shapes and letters. Always remember to recycle your excess paper in our recycle bins! This room also doubles as a training lab, where our free computer classes and other small events are held. When events aren’t on the schedule, the public is free to use this space as a study area. If you’re looking for an outlet to charge your electronic device this is where you want to be. 

Thanks for taking the time to join us for this tour of all the hidden gems on the Ground Floor of our Library. Like our Facebook Page to see more photos of our Library! Join us soon, for our next tour, which will explore the Library even further!

Posted by Courtney Locandro, Library Clerk