Friday, August 09, 2013

Library Sleeveface - August 9, 2013

Who doesn’t love a good deal on books? This young lady sure does! One of the lovely Ray Conniff Singers is back again to pose for us while she peruses our section of books for sale. We sell all hardbacks for only $1.50, paperbacks for .50 cents, audio books for $1.00, and VHS tapes and computer games for .50 each! We are always updating and adding to our little “For Sale” book nook in the library, which is open all hours the library is open. Don’t forget about our bi-monthly booksales that the Friends of the Library organize. Our Friends of the Library book sale are loaded with great deals as well, and you are sure to find a rare gem or two to take home. You will find items for you to enjoy and support the library all at the same time! We always appreciate all our library patrons for supporting us. As the Ray Conniff Singers would say, we love how you love us! Can you guess which of our dazzling library ladies is portraying this vocalist?

Posted by Courtney Locandro, Library Clerk