Monday, September 23, 2013

Collinsville Library Tour - Children's Floor

Welcome to the final installment of the Collinsville Library Tour! This time we will take you through our wonderful Children’s Floor. As on all of our floors, we have a handy elevator that will take you to any of the floors you need to get to in the library. To access the Children’s Floor via the elevator you want to travel to the 2nd floor. If you would rather take the stairs you will notice the entire stairwell has a beautifully painted mural of many different storybook characters. Once you open that door you and your child will be able to explore the wonderful array of books, movies, kits, puppets, big books, small books, parenting books and more that are available to you in our Children’s Library! 

The first section you will encounter is our Children’s movie collection - we even have VHS tapes to check out. Most of the movies up here are rated PG and under. Here you will find series such as Dora the Explorer and many classic Disney movies as well. On the other side of the elevator is our non-fiction collection where you and your child can check DVDs about learning different languages, safety and more. We also have furniture created especially for the little ones to sit and read in this area. This area also is the place to get great tunes from our collection of children’s CDs. For those coming off the elevator first you will notice straight in front of you we have small bulletin board where we post events or juvenile related information you might want to know about. Below that we also have baskets for you to help carry your items around while you look around. As an added bonus, most of these baskets are available for check out so you can easily carry all your items home after you check them out. 

Just past the movies and music you will find the graphic novel section with favorites such as Charlie Brown, Pokeman and more! Also along this wall are our restrooms. As you make your way toward the main room we will enter the JE fiction section. This section is mostly comprised of picture books including smaller sections for beginner readers and preschool readers. Here you can find special collections including Dr. Seuss, Disney, Winnie the Pooh and more. In this large section, we have a set of tables where you can read, play a game or get help with homework during school months. Once your little one has picked out all their books they can also enjoy our train set or a magazine from this section. This section also has a parenting/teaching collection. 

Along with our many exciting decorations and bulletin boards, one special bulletin board is reserved for Flat Alison to display her adventures. Flat Alison is modeled after our beautiful Children’s Librarian, Miss Alison. The idea for Flat Alison comes from the well-loved book series Flat Stanley. Flat Alison loves to go on adventures and trips with patrons to places all over the world! She has already traveled to India, Africa, Scotland and Vienna. Next time you go on vacation, feel free to ask Miss Alison if you can take Flat Alison with you and we will post your vacation pictures with her for everyone to enjoy!

In the center of the Children’s Library is our New Arrival and audio books section. You will also see a collection of kits across from the restrooms. These kits can include books, audio tapes, finger puppets, and activity sheets to go along with the books. Directly behind these are paperback chapter books, including several series such as Goosebumps and The Boxcar Children. In the center area we also have 6 filtered internet computers for children. 

As you make your way toward the back of the Children’s Library you will notice another shelf by itself with libros en español, and a large collection or biographies and autobiographies. The back section is mostly comprised of our non-fiction collection, including science fair books, sport teams, crafting and more. Along the back wall is our J Fiction section, which is comprised of our collection of chapter books. We also have a few children’s fishing poles for check out if fishing is something you or your child enjoys. One of the favorite spaces for the younger ones is our playroom, complete with dress up costumes, building block, stuffed animals and Legos. 

At the Children’s Library circulation desk, you can return or check out any items, not just children’s items. Here at the desk we also have a myriad of games to choose from including Chutes and Ladder and Monopoly. We would love to answer any questions you have, help you find items, and provide information about children’s programs such story time, which is every Tuesday at 10:00am. Near the book drop at the desk you may notice a little dinosaur bank. This dinosaur likes to be fed coins, which in turn go towards buying more books for the Children’s Library. 

With all the things to do, play with, and check out in the Children’s Library it is sometimes hard to contain all your excitement, but please remember to use your best manners and inside voices. Thank you for supporting the Collinsville Library and all we offer. We hope you enjoyed this virtual tour!

Posted by Courtney Locandro, Library Clerk