Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Collinsville Library Tour - Main Floor

Welcome to the Collinsville Memorial Library Center Tour! Founded in 1915, we are open 349 days per year and 64 hours per week. Now that you have seen what we have to offer on our Ground Floor, let us show you around the Main Floor. This floor houses the majority of our book and audio-visual collection, including our extensive DVD/Bluray and audio book collection. 

After passing our beloved Pan fountain in front of the library and entering through our front doors you may not know where to begin with all the wonderful options of books, movies and more beckoning to you! Luckily, we have card catalogs and a wonderful staff to help find what you are looking for. The card catalog computers are directly on your left after you walk up the short flight of front stairs. If technology isn’t your strong point or you are not sure how to use our card catalogs, feel free to talk with any of our staff members at the Front Desk with any questions you have. Nearby the card catalogs is our graphic novel and reference section. If you are adventurous and want to check out something new, you can browse our displays at the top of the front stairs. We change these displays periodically based on season, special event or topic.   

The Front Desk is also a good place to start if you are new to our Library District and need to get a library card. There are three types of library cards that we offer including adult (16 and older), juvenile and teen library cards for anyone living in the Mississippi Valley Library District or attending a Unit 10 School. Other items you can inquire about at the front desk include mp3 players, Kindles, and a even a projector. You can return and check out items at the Front Desk as well as fax documents, request items, sign up for one of our many events and programs, as well as get answers to any questions you may have about the library in general. If you have any ideas on how to improve our library, we always welcome them in our Suggestion Box!

Across from  the Front Desk and next to the East Wing is our extensive collection of DVDs and Blu-rays. This section has many of your favorite classic movies as well as documentaries, how-to videos, television series and foreign language films. You will also find our our new DVDs, Blurays and music CDs displayed in front of the collection for easy browsing. You will notice a wooden eagle statue on top of an octagonal set of shelves. Here you will find our New Arrival audio books and Playaways, which are convenient pre-loaded audio books. 

After you have browsed through the DVDs, you can head towards the West Wing and look through our New Arrival section to find brand new releases that include best-sellers as well as unique finds. The New Arrival section is broken down into non-fiction, fiction, young adult (Y.A), paperbacks, graphic novels and a small section called Express Books. Our Express books include popular and best-selling fiction and non-fiction titles that we make available to you for a one-week. These items cannot be renewed or placed on hold, and this allows you access to some of the newest releases that would otherwise have very long wait-lists.

Next to our New Arrival book section, is our large collection of magazines to check out. We subscribe to over 130 different magazines so you can enjoy a wide variety of magazines without paying those hefty subscription prices. You can check out as many magazines as you can carry, but remember they only have a one-week check out. We are excited to offer a brand new feature called Zinio for enjoying magazines digitally on your home computer, phone or other mobile device. Zinio features dozens of magazines that are available for you to download and enjoy with no return date! Visit our website and click on the Zinio link or ask a librarian for more information about this exciting new addition to our magazine collection.

One of the largest collections in our library is our non-fiction book collection, which includes almost 24,000 non-fiction books. With such a large collection, it is split between our East and West Wings of the Main Floor, with the books with call numbers between 000-799 in the West Wing and the 800-900’s in the East Wing. Our extensive Biography collection has its own section located in the East Wing near the 900s and labeled with the 92 Dewey Decimal number. Throughout the non-fiction sections we have various local and national newspapers conveniently placed for you to enjoy in one of our comfortable reading chairs. Did you know we have a private study area and typewriter room for you to use in the West Wing? Do you have an awesome collection but no one to share it with? We’d love to display your interesting collection in our display cases in our non-fiction section of the library! The tables and chairs in these areas are great for reading, studying or using your laptop or mobile device with our free Wi-Fi, which is accessible throughout the entire building. 

As you make your way to the back of the building you come across a door and stairs leading up to our Children’s Library on the 2nd floor and a self-serve copy machine. Rounding the corner past the copier, are the Main Floor restrooms, elevator and our Science Fiction collection. Don’t despair if you don’t see your favorite Star Wars or J.R.R. Tolkien novel in this area, because this section continues on towards the back of the library. Our entire adult fiction collection is housed in this area of the library including our Large Print, General Fiction, Aduio Book, Science Fiction, Mystery, Paperback and Western books. 

Heading through the Fiction section, you will find our Young Adult (Y.A.) collection in the back corner next to the Westerns. In the small room directly off of this section are the Y.A. non-fiction, audio books and paperbacks. In this cozy back area of the library patrons of any age, not just young adults, can hang out with a good book on the couches or study at the table in the Teen Room. A special feature of the Teen Zone is our Careers section to help young students discover their potential and explore their passions. 

This concludes the Main Floor tour! Come check us out any day of the week or visit our website at!  You can see what’s new at the library through  our Event Calendar at If you are into social networking, follow us on Facebook, we can’t wait to connect with you!

Posted by Courtney Locandro, Library Clerk