Thursday, May 01, 2014

On This Day In 2013...

Rapper Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly died of a drug overdose on this day in 2013. Kelly became famous in the early 90's as one half of the kiddie rap/novelty act Kris Kross. The duo had a huge hit with the song "Jump", which charted No. 1 for eight weeks and was certified double platinum as a single. In fact, "Jump" was so successful that even the group's gimmick of wearing their clothing backwards briefly caught on as a popular trend among confused tweens. A tour opening for Michael Jackson, movie cameos, and even a Kris Kross video game followed. One-hit wonderdom came calling fast however, and the group was never able to match the success of their debut. 

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Totally Krossed Out by Kris Kross - Ever wish your commute to work sounded more like a sixth grade roller skating party from 1992? Of course you do, and this is just the CD to make it happen!

Posted by Grahm Underwood, Library Clerk