Wednesday, July 30, 2014

On This Day In...2012

On this day in 2012 musician Bill Doss died at the age of 43. Doss was best known for his work with the band Olivia Tremor Control and for co-founding the Elephant 6 Recording Company. Elephant 6 was a loose collective of bands that began in 1991 with Doss and three of his Ruston, Louisiana high school friends (Robert Schneider, Jeff Mangum, and Will Cullen Hart). By the late 1990s Elephant 6 had grown to become a major force in American indie rock, with dozens of bands from across the country releasing music and often finding commercial success. Bill's own band Olivia Tremor Control broke up in 2000 however, and shortly after that the E6 collective entered a long period of dormancy.

Available through Your Library (click on the link to request these items):
  • Singles and Beyond by Olivia Tremor Control - The singles collected on this compilation include some of the very earliest Elephant 6 releases, and offer excellent introduction to this group's psychedelic pop magnificence.
  • Travellers in Space and Time by The Apples in Stereo - After releasing a couple of albums with his post-OTC band The Sunshine Fix, Doss began to tour and record with his old buddy Robert Schneider's Apples in Stereo. By the time of this 2010 album Doss was credited as a full-fledged member.
Posted by Grahm Underwood, Library Clerk