Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Seven Questions with Staff - Jed

Here’s the second installment of our “Seven Questions with Staff” series! Jed’s been with us at the library for almost four years. He has a variety of jobs around the library, but some of his favorites are doing graphic design, marketing, teaching computer classes to beginners, and planning fundraisers. When he’s not at work, he’s usually spending time with his family or is involved with an event around the community.

Q: What are some of your favorite albums?
A: “Songs for Silverman” by Ben Folds, “In Between Dreams” by Jack Johnson and anything by The Format, Bruno Mars, Cold War Kids, Gavin DeGraw and Coldplay.

Q: What types of photos do you “Like” on Instagram?
A: Scenic photos. Food photos. Animal photos.

Q: Where are some of your favorite places to go in the area?
A: The St. Louis Zoo, CityGarden, Willoughby Farm, St. Clair 10 Cine ($3 movies, yeah!) and any Goodwill/Salvation Army Store, ever.

Q: What’s the last film that you saw at a movie theater?
A: The Fault in our Stars. (Again…gotta love that St. Clair 10!)

Q: Growing up, what was your first real job?
A: Aside from mowing lawns, my first job was at Collinsville’s Dairy Freeze (on St. Louis Road).I think I was one of only a handful of male employees in its storied history. I worked there for four summers, I think.

Q: If you could be on one Reality TV Show, which one would you choose?
A: The Amazing Race.

Q: Do you have a celebrity doppelganger?
A: I’m told that I look like Tom Cruise at least once or twice each week, and I’m not really sure how I feel about that.

Posted by Jed Robbins, Library Assistant