Saturday, February 14, 2015

Top 10 Reasons to Love the Library

It's Valentine's day, so we've decided to make a list of the top ten reasons to love the Collinsville Memorial Library Center.

10) Our circuits are the squishiest.
09) Now serving cereal.
08) We made a makerspace, you make the rest.
07) Three words - March Book Madness!
06) When babies boogie, everybody wins.
05) Tautological tautologies taught daily everyday.
04) A library is only as good as its Acoustic Jam, and ours is awesome!
03) We will even help you train your dog.
02) Poetry nights.
01) Obviously, the ladies.

(Editor's note: In fairness, the men aren't too shabby either.)

Are your reasons for loving the library different from ours? Stop by the front desk and let us know why you love the library and you'll be entered into our drawing for a great prize basket! A winner will be drawn/notified at the end of February.

Posted by Grahm Underwood, Library Clerk
Edited by Kyla Waltermire, Adult Services Librarian