Thursday, April 16, 2015

Collinsville Library celebrating its Centennial Year!

On October 15, 1915 Mrs. John Bruso, president of the Collinsville Study Club (currently known as the Woman's Club) selected a library community of Mrs. AC Powell, Mrs. Charles Holding and Mrs. Charles Listeman. These ladies enlisted volunteers to gather books and distribute them to homes in the community through the use of a child's wagon.  By August 26, 1916 through the efforts of this Study Club the library opened on the second floor of the City Hall with 121 donated volumes; Mabelle Holding Echols was the first librarian.

And the rest was history...

100 years later the Collinsville Memorial Library Center is still serving the community through dedication to the ideal that a community of individuals must be well versed in everything that is essential to survive in the world of today and tomorrow.

Each month a new theme and contest will be introduced at the Collinsville Library to highlight different aspects of the library 100 year history.

For the rest of April and through May "Art in the Library" is the theme.

Now through May 1st you can find the gold stars in the library located on works of art and match them to the artist. A drawing for all the right answers will find Centennial prizes for the winners.

Starting on May 1st the new contest will be to name as many things as possible that you can see in the Stained Glass Panels in the entablature above the Main Desk. These one of a kind Stained Glass Panels were created and donated by Roy Hanser from our community. He wrote a a description of the panels and everything that he included in them. One panel is all Collinsville History. The other two panels are things from literature. Under the glass on two tables in the West Wing on the Main Floor are his working copies of the panels. The winner of this contest will receive a Centennial bag of things including a tshirt, a commemorative pen and more.

Come into your Centennial Library today and see why we have been a jewel in the crown of Collinsville for 100 years!