Sunday, September 06, 2015

Just One Item - Katie

We have challenged every member of our staff to pick just one item to recommend to our patrons. It's easy to rattle off a list of favorites but to single out and stand by just one suggestion requires discipline and commitment. This succinct and straightforward approach will not only provide passionate suggestions but will offer a tailored window to learning a little bit about each staff member's unique personality and tastes.

Katie is the Fairmont City Library Center's Branch Manager. She has been with the library since 1997. She started humbly as a clerk and, in a galvanizing story of upward mobility, worked her way up to management. Katie enjoys programming and training staff and loves to travel and spend time outdoors when not on the job. Don't forget to head down to Fairmont sometime to see what's new in Katie's world! 

Katie chose The Shack by William Young as her one item. She likes it because it is deep, spiritual, and inspirational. She describes it as "A Christian Fiction novel about grief and overcoming unbelievable pain". 

Posted by Terry Pierson, Library Clerk