Friday, September 04, 2015

Just One Item - Sarah

We have challenged every member of our staff to pick just one item to recommend to our patrons. It's easy to rattle off a list of favorites but to single out and stand by just one suggestion requires discipline and commitment. This succinct and straightforward approach will not only provide passionate suggestions but will offer a tailored window to learning a little bit about each staff member's unique personality and tastes.

Sarah has been with the library since December 2013 and has ascended in seniority to become our Page-in-Chief. Sarah can be found lurking in the shelves, tirelessly toiling to keep the library in tip-top shape. She is always happy to point patrons in the right direction and help them find what they are looking for and will forgive you for standing right in front of the section she needs to shelf.

For her one item, Sarah chose the film Dead Poet's Society. "Because Robin Williams." was all that needed to be said.

Posted by Terry Pierson, Library Clerk