Thursday, November 19, 2015

Top Ten Reasons We'll Miss Wayne

Full time library technician Wayne Reinagel will say goodbye to the Mississippi Valley Library District on November 20th as he embarks on a new career. In honor of his departure we have compiled a list of the top ten reasons our library will miss Wayne.

10) Someone has to take down all those candles on our lawn.
09) His next makerspace project was going to be rubber band and paperclip tattooing.
08) Matt's Christmas will now be 10% less crunk.
07) Three words - Little Free Library!
06) He never finished his book 250 Funniest Library Jokes, Memos & Cartoon Pinups.
05) No one but no one knows more about collectible snow globes.
04) He would often claim that Joan Didion was a ghost writer for DC Comics in the 1980s.
03) Some people can really do the Dew.
02) No more pumpkin spiced books.
01) Obviously, the ladies.

Best of wishes, Wayne!

Posted by Grahm Underwood, library clerk