Monday, February 08, 2016

Music for Lovers

Romance isn't easy, but the right music can certainly go a long way in helping to set the perfect mood. So with Valentine's Day just around the corner, be sure to stop by the Collinsville Memorial Library Center and check out our large music collection. And if you need a little help selecting just the right record, here are a few of our recommendations:

Moondance by Van Morrison - Moondancing is a time honored Valentine's tradition.

The Real Feel by Spiral Stairs - The sound of a wooden rose in a champagne bottle vase sitting on a heart shaped sudoku puzzle trimmed with red lace imported from Paris and dipped in fine chocolate decorated with hieroglyphic poetry.

Revolver by the Beatles - Don Draper's favorite album, and quite possibly Cupid's too.

Braveheart: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Love. Is. A. Battlefield.

Mumbo Jumbo by Air Supply -  Never mind the mumbo jumbo, here's Air Supply. Light romantic ballads so sweet they will leave a candy heart aftertaste in your mouth.

No Cities To Love by Sleater-Kinney - Valentine's Day is not about loving a city; Sleater-Kinney knows this and so should you.

Gold Cobra by Limp Bizkit - Nu-metal teddy bear Fred Durst pitches woo left, right, and center with poetry as purple as a bruise.

Posted by Grahm Underwood, library clerk