Thursday, April 21, 2016

Staff Haiku

In celebration of National Poetry Month we invited staff members to write a haiku. There were no thematic restrictions. Please feel free to tell us what you think the next time you visit the library!

Pizza is so good
I had to write a haiku
Professing my love
- Terry

Not shaving my beard
It is playoff hockey time
Let's Go Blues, cup time!
- Matt

Tornado warning! 
Another meal eaten with
Toilet lid table
- Kyla

Spring season is here
Celebrate March, April, May
With rain and sunshine
- Theo

The kids are anxious
Two more months until summer
California bound
- Theo

There is nothing quite
Like the sound of ducks walking
Wet across thin ice
- Tara

Cheese is my main squeeze
It's the bees knees, you agree?
Get me some now, please!
- Stephanie

Ice cream is my friend
Oh how I love you, ice cream
Get in my belly!
- Ashley

Writing this haiku
Didn't seem like it would be
Quite so difficult 
- Megan

Who invented rules
For a poem that can only
Have three little lines?!
- Megan

Posted by Terry Pierson, Programming Technician