Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Know Your City: St. Louis History Club - Inaugural Meeting

Tomorrow is the first meeting of our “Know Your City: St. Louis History Club”, a monthly gathering where the civic and historically minded can learn, teach, share, and discuss St. Louis history with others who hold the same passions. The event is free and no advance registration is required. We will begin at 6pm at the Blum House - hope to see you there!

Below is a very brief sample of the prepared lesson. After the presentation, the floor will be opened to Q&As and storytelling.

The Gateway Arch is only the start. St. Louis is home to more than one magnificent monument - The Eads Bridge, The Old Courthouse, Busch Stadium, The Cathedral Basilica, and The Wainwright Building are just a few examples of the marvels of engineering and beauty present in St. Louis architecture.

The Old Courthouse

• Originally served as a federal and state courthouse, now operates as a museum.
• First completed in 1828. Renovations continued until 1864.
• The Old Courthouse was the tallest building in St. Louis and Missouri until Union Station was built in 1896.
• 192 ft.
• Architects: Henry Singleton, Robert Mitchell, and William Rumbold.
• Greek Revival style.

Eads Bridge

• Named for designer and builder James Eads.
• At a length of 6,442 ft. the Eads Bridge was the longest arch bridge in the world when it was completed in 1874.
• Road and railway bridge.
• The first true use of steel in a major bridge.
• Encountered intense resistance from steamboat interests.
• National Historic Landmark (1964).

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