Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Staff Recommendations: June

Every month members of our staff share what media they are consuming - be it books, movies, video games, or any of the other mediums the library has to offer. After all, a love of art, in all its forms, is what brings us together at the library!

Vicky Hart - Library Director

Currently, I am reading "Gator's Challenge" by Eve Langlais, book #4 in her Bitten Point Series.  It is fantasy/paranormal/shapeshifter/interracial romance.  Yup, I love romance and science fiction/fantasy, preferably multiple book series.  I chose this title because I had read the first three in the series and I am hoping this will tie up loose ends!

What am I watching?  "Game of Thrones", Season 6, of course!  ​

Katie Heaton - Fairmont City Branch Manager

I am reading The Giver Quartet Series by Lois Lowry.

I read "The Giver" several years ago and loved it.  Recently I discovered that there were more books in the series.  I'm sure I'm not the only one to miss this considering the copyright dates of these books.

The Giver (1993), Gathering Blue (2000), Messenger (2004) and Son (2012).

This Young Adult series does not carry one character through all of the books, but gives stories about different characters and reappearing characters that help link this Utopian society series.  Interesting read.

Ginny York - Youth Services Coordinator

Some children's books I've found on our shelves that I'm impressed with:
"Are You a Horse?" (Andy Rash)  Funny as well as sneaking in a lesson on living/nonliving  things and their characteristic.  Riley gave it 2 thumbs up.
"Hurry, Hurry!" (Eve Bunting) So simple I used it for Baby Boogie.  Beautiful illustrations.  Few words building excitement for the surprise ending.
"No Sleep for the Sheep!" (Karen Beaumont)  Fun use of language. 
"Potty Animals" (Hope Vestergaard)  Going to bring it home to read to Riley.  I think she'll love the lessons on bathroom etiquette.

What I'm reading:
"Call the Midwife: The Workhouse Years" (Jennifer Worth) My favorite show - this is the 2nd book of memoirs she wrote that the show is based on.  I'm loving the history in it as well as getting to know some of the characters from the show better.
"Home Safe" (Elizabeth Berg) I just listened to this book and enjoyed the development of the main character, a middle-aged widow who is learning to live independently and re-shape her life.  I thought it was quite thought  provoking about what someone in her shoes would go through. 

Grahm Underwood - Service Desk Coordinator 

"Your favorite band is killing me : what pop music rivalries reveal about the meaning of life"
by Steven Hyden
Often hilarious and always entertaining, I am forced to recommend this book despite the author's inexplicable preference for the Smashing Pumpkins over Pavement!

Terry Pierson - Program Coordinator

My primary focus is on "The Matheny Manifesto" by St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Matheny. This is much more than just a book about baseball, as Matheny attempts to impart lessons on life, leadership, and attitude through his love of the game. 

I am also quite consumed by "Xenoblade Chronicles X" on the Wii U. Xenoblade boasts as massive and immersive of a world as any free roam sandbox game out there - in fact, it can be a little overwhelming. The game is beautiful, engaging, and just the size and depth of it makes it an experience unique to video games. 

Stephanie Moore - Library Clerk

This month I am reading "The Girl on the Train" by Paula Hawkins. So far it is a great mystery/suspense book that has me wanting to read the book in one sitting! Fans of "Gone Girl" would definitely enjoy this one.

As far as listening goes, I am really enjoying the new Red Hot Chili Peppers song Dark Necessities and looking forward to their new album, "The Getaway", which comes out June 17th.

Michelle Wilson - Library Clerk

I have recently read the full Divergent series and love recommending it to those interested in the YA section. I am also reading "The Fault in Our Stars" right now, but with my A&P class I have not had a lot of time allotted for it. What I have read so far, I have liked.

I also have been keeping up with "Game of Thrones", so 10/10 would recommend on that (to appropriate age groups).

I play "Dungeon Defenders", "Castle Crashers", "Viva Pinata", "Fable" (II & III), "Sims" (Bustin' Out & The Urbz) and "Munchkin".

Music: Death Cab for Cutie, White Stripes, Regina Spektor, The Beatles, Postal Service, Skrillex, Roger Miller, Bright Eyes, Modest Mouse, World Order, and the list goes on.


If something has caught your interest, ask to order it through the library today. Also, feel free to ask any of us what we are spending time with or recommend whenever you're in the library. We are always happy to help and share what we love! 

Posted by Terry Pierson, Program Coordinator